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Golf 3 GTS idle issues


I have a Golf 3 GTS (1998) which is having idling issues. Sometimes it behaves perfectly and there are no issues but sometimes it just won't idle, usually when it's cold this is the issue. But sometimes it will also hunt for the correct idle speed and bounce between 1000 and 2000 revs and every now and then it seems to just idle at 2000 revs.
I think this is a common issue as my sister had a 98 gs which did something very similar. I have spoken to VW about it and they seem to have the "lets change things and see what works" approach which is just COMPLETELY ridiculous. It is the perfect example of poor customer service and i have been through it with them before when they changed 10 thing that were nothing to do with the problem i was having.Please if you know what is causing this or can help me to get it fixed, let me know. I will be VERY grateful.

Please help.

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11.06.2018, 15:39 Uhr - JesseVoss 9658745351 Voss

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